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Veteran-owned Canadian company gives top-of-the-line medical alert devices to ‘high fall risk’ seniors

Founder & CEO of Pulse, Todd Griffiths, interviewed live on CHCH News in Ontario

If you qualify, Pulse Alert will pay all of the upfront costs of your life safety system!

300 Canadians can get a free fall alert system if they have 4 or more ‘fall risk factors’ … see if you qualify

Thanks to a little-known program started by Royal Canadian Navy Veteran and Pulse Alert founder Todd Griffiths, older Canadians considered a ‘high fall risk’ are getting over $700.00 in upfront savings!

This program includes all of their life safety systems; the in-home device, on-the-go help button and their brand new emergency alert Smartwatch.

It also includes a Fall Prevention Exercise Kit they just launched which is an app you can install on your phone or computer with an exercise program made by a Physiotherapist targeted specifically at helping with fall prevention. Comes with an exercise band too! 

Find out if you qualify.

How Does It Work?

After being impacted by the loss of his grandfather due to a fall, Todd started this program to help protect as many ‘high fall risk’ seniors as possible. Especially those who are alone for long periods of time, or have certain health issues that can lead to falling or medical emergencies.

The problem is that cost is typically the biggest reason why many don’t have one, even though they really need one.

So by paying for all of the expensive upfront costs of the equipment and activation with local emergency services, all Canadians have to pay for is the 24/7 emergency monitoring. This allows folks (and their family) to finally have the confidence and peace of mind to live safely in their own home despite the risks.

Find out if you qualify

The time to act is right now.

This promotion was recently launched on TV so the 300 free life safety devices will go quickly.

Here's how you can get started:

Step 1: Click on your Province in the map below.

Step 2: After answering a few short questions, you will have the opportunity to reserve your free Emergency Alert Smartwatch.

Step 3: Provide your contact details to reserve your free device and one of their life safety consultants will contact you with more information.

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