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Discover why Canadian safety experts label this Smartwatch as a must-have device for all seniors prioritizing safety without compromising freedom.

Founder & CEO of Pulse, Todd Griffiths, interviewed live on CHCH News in Ontario

Staggering reality: Falls, identified as the leading cause of injury among Canadian seniors, affect a third of the senior population annually.

The Concern: Senior Canadians often downplay the risks, banking on optimism over preparedness. However, being optimistic does not always safeguard against risks.

But now, a new personal emergency response device, disrupting the narrative of senior safety by offering a highly-praised approach to ensuring secure independence.

It's Pulse Alert's new Emergency Alert Smartwatch.

With an increased desire for freedom and security, the Emergency Alert Smartwatch is a timely innovation for today's active seniors.

It’s no wonder Pulse's Emergency Alert Smartwatch is now deemed the Canadian seniors' safety staple, delivering peace of mind to thousands.

With its simplified design and essential emergency features, the Emergency Alert Smartwatch redefines life safety devices for seniors.

What is an Emergency Alert Smartwatch?

Meet the founder of Pulse, Todd, who turned the death of his grandfather as a result of a fall into a safety solution for seniors living alone, in collaboration with top-tier emergency response professionals.

Todd's vision was simple – a wearable device that marries necessary emergency features with an active lifestyle, preserving seniors' independence without risking safety.

This revolutionary device has won over the nation, making seniors feel safe and secure while navigating through their everyday activities. 

Todd asserts, "An emergency alert device is only helpful if it's being worn ALL the time. So I wanted to combine all the protection features of traditional alert devices with the every day ease and utility of a watch."

Features to keep you active and protected right from the wrist!

What makes Pulse’s Smartwatch so special?

What sets the Emergency Alert Smartwatch apart? Its blend of life-saving functionality coupled with modern aesthetic appeal.

The device uses cutting-edge technology, yet it remains user-friendly for seniors, ensuring ease of use, even for those who aren't very tech-savvy.

The Outcome? A robust, dependable 'safety-net' during falls or medical emergencies, providing users with much needed peace of mind.

The Emergency Alert Smartwatch is not just a safety device. It also includes Activity Tools for easy exercise; A step counter that keeps track of daily activity and heart rate sensors that let you know when to take it easy.

"The Emergency Alert Smartwatch is about balancing active independence with safety," Todd explains. "It's intended to provide the confidence to maintain an active lifestyle along with the reassurance that help is always right there with you."

What exactly does Pulse's Emergency Alert Smartwatch have to offer?

More than you think!
Complete Protection, Everywhere
Protects you everywhere you go, not just at home. With a built-in SOS emergency button, GPS locating and 2-way voice speaker, you’ve got immediate access to help in case of falls, medical emergencies, or accidents.
Immediate Emergency Response
Professional emergency operators know who and where you are at all times and what kind of help you need. Providing peace of mind for you and your loved ones when you’re alone.
Tools To Stay Active
A step counter that keeps track of your step goals throughout the day and heart rate sensors that let you know when you need to take it easy.
Easy to Wear Every Day
Elegant, lightweight and comfortable so you can wear it all the time. It's designed to fit into your daily routine seamlessly, so you can keep doing what you love without any hassle.
Worry Free Independence
Around the clock access to help empowers you to keep doing your thing. It's like your personal assurance – help is there when you need it, so you can stay active and live life on your terms.
Peace of Mind for You and Loved Ones
You and your caregivers can breathe easier. Help is just a call away, dialing down the worry and stress that come with potential emergencies.
Their Hamilton-based team ships thousands of emergency alert devices all across Canada.

Where can I get the Emergency Alert Smartwatch?

Don't miss out! The Emergency Alert Smartwatch is available across Canada, at no-upfront cost for those that qualify.

Thanks to this smartwatch, seniors in Canada can enjoy an active and independent lifestyle, knowing that help is just a button press away.

Don't wait for an emergency to happen. Take control of your independence now! Get started today.

Here's how you can get started:

Step 1: Click on your Province in the map below.
Step 2: After answering a few short questions, you will have the opportunity to reserve your free Emergency Alert Smartwatch.

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